Американцы покупают белорусскую фирму AdRevolver

Американская рекламная сеть BlueLithium объявила о покупке белорусской компании AdRevolver, известного разработчика одноименного ПО для обслуживания баннерных сетей. Технология AdRevolver, помимо стандартного набора функций, позволяет проводить поведенческий таргетинг, географический таргетинг, таргетинг по языку, отслеживать и анализировать предпочтения пользователя.

BlueLithium ранее уже приобрела лицензию на использование технологии AdRevolver для работы с клиентами. Как сообщается на сайте BlueLithium (www.bluelithium.com), в результате сделки будет создана компания, которая объединит в себе управленческие функции и функции рекламной сети, охватив Европу и Северную Америку. Финансовые условия сделки не разглашаются.

В настоящее время офис AdRevolver переезжает из Минска в Лондон. Кроме того, часть персонала перейдет в головной офис BlueLithium в Сан-Хосе.

BlueLithium будет использовать брэнд AdRevolver и предлагать его в качестве отдельной опции в числе всего спектра оказываемых услуг.

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Press Release Source: Dotomi

Dotomi Partners with BlueLithium to Extend Online Publisher Relationships

Monday December 6, 7:31 am ET

Dotomi Direct Messaging Increases Its Network; Adds Over 1,000 Sites Serving More Than Four Billion Impressions Per Month

BOSTON, Dec. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Dotomi, the leader in online customer retention for permission-based messaging between marketers and consumers, and BlueLithium Inc., the Internet's largest customized direct response network, today announced that BlueLithium will incorporate Dotomi Direct Messaging(TM) in its publisher sites, to help enrich the consumers' online experience by delivering personalized ad banner messages.


Dotomi Direct Messaging allows marketers to deliver personal and data- driven messages within the ad banner space on publisher sites in the Dotomi network. BlueLithium uses its online advertising network to enable advertisers of all sizes to achieve brand awareness, lead innovation and sales through web-ads, e-mail and search engine listings. With BlueLithium's customized direct response network, Dotomi can send personal and targeted messages to consumers utilizing BlueLithium's ad serving technology.

BlueLithium's network extends to more than 1,000 affinity-based websites and reaches more than two-thirds of Internet users. The network serves more than four billion impressions per month and served 70.3 million unique users during the month of October. Further enhanced by BlueLithium's recent acquisition of AdRevolver, a leading ad serving company, the network offers global reach and response in addition to real-time analytical tools not available on other networks. With the combined benefits of Dotomi Direct Messaging and BlueLithum's network, consumers will receive more timely and relevant marketer messages while surfing the Web. Direct Messages contain customer-specific information based on a consumer's self-expressed interests delivered only by chosen marketers. Because Direct Messaging is opt-in and relevant to individual consumers, the value of each banner increases, allowing marketers to build relationships and boost customer loyalty through online real estate. By working with BlueLithium, Dotomi will be able to extend this customer commitment to millions of new online consumers.

"Dotomi and BlueLithium believe in the common interests of online advertisers, publishers and consumers," said Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO of BlueLithium. "We are committed to improving the experience for consumers online by working with partners such as Dotomi who share our values. Direct Messaging allows us to expand our ability to deliver advertising that is always timely, accurate and relevant, with the goal of enhancing the value of advertisers' real estate. At the same time, we are able to help publishers make the most value of their online properties by serving ads that generate a positive response from online consumers."

"With Direct Messaging, BlueLithium now offers their advertisers and publishers a more effective method to communicate with customers in a way that is completely privacy-sensitive," said John Federman, President and CEO of Dotomi. "This is a great partnership for Dotomi to continue to expand our Direct Messaging distribution network to deliver respectful, permission-based messages to consumers while they are surfing their favorite websites."

To learn more about Dotomi Direct Messaging(TM), please visit their website at www.dotomi.com.

About Dotomi

Founded by the creator of Instant Messaging, Dotomi changes the way marketers communicate with their customers by creating a one-to-one messaging channel on the Web. Dotomi Direct Messaging(TM) transforms traditional ad banner space into a personal message window, which empowers marketers with the ability to deliver personal, timely and relevant content to individual consumers. Dotomi is pioneering this new form of consumer outreach -- leveraging the power of consumer opt-in via ad banner real estate. Since Dotomi's launch in March 2003 in Israel, the Company established over 575,000 distinct "points of permission" with some of the largest corporations in Israel, such as: American Express, Blockbuster, Tower Records, Meridian Hotels and iBooks, and is currently the only company offering this level of one-to-one marketing in the ad banner space. Dotomi is privately held, with headquarters in Boston and offices in New York and Tel Aviv. For more information, please visit www.dotomi.com or call 617-399-5000.

About BlueLithium, Inc.

For advertisers focused on response and results, BlueLithium is the customized direct response network that maximizes ROI through its proprietary ad serving technology. The company's advertising network is driven by the industry's most advanced targeting and optimization technology, offers a variety of advertising options for online marketers, and helps publishers maximize the value of online properties. BlueLithium is a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, California with offices in Belarus, New York City, and will soon be adding a San Francisco division. For more information, see http://www.bluelithium.com

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