SoftTeco: Top 5 questions to ask a developer in an interview

Today, software development has almost become a necessity for every businesses that are including IT processes in their operations. It is something that is of utmost importance if a company is expected to operate efficiently. However, IT awareness is a competence that requires great qualification and experience to be good at. Therefore company officials are often faced with difficulty when deciding to hire a software developer, especially if they don’t have a recruiter with IT background. Fortunately, a good software developer can be recognized by asking the applicant the right questions in the interview and we have highlighted the top five. Asking these questions will make sure that you hire a developer that is best suited for your company and its needs.

Tell us about yourself and your experience in IT

In the initial stage of the interview, your main aim is to just get to know the interviewee so asking about their own self and past experience is a good route to take. This question can be modified in various ways such as asking about why they took up IT as a career and what interests them about the field. These type of questions can really tell you about how the interviewee approaches their work. The attitude of an individual performing any type of task greatly impacts the outcome. Thus, learning about your interviewee’s state of mind will help you in the process of hiring the correct software developer. Additionally, how an individual describes themselves tells you a lot about their personality, team-working and management skills. You need somebody who is sure of themselves and has confidence in their abilities but is not arrogant and is open to criticism and feedback from others. These are the characteristic traits of a mature, growth-oriented individual with which you will bring in positivity into your organization.

What are some of your previous projects and interesting tasks that you have accomplished?

Looking at an applicant’s older projects can give you a wholesome look at their skill level. It can tell you how a lot about their work ethic and how organized they are. Additionally, asking about any personal projects that the developer has going on, you can judge how committed they are to their work. Moreover, you can also tell by looking at their previous projects how hard they are willing and able to work to make a project successful. This can give you an overall idea of how beneficial they can be to your organization and how much motivation you, as the employer, will have to put into them. As far as the interesting tasks are concerned, you can use them to evaluate how creative the applicant is. Whether or no they are willing to think outside the box and whether they have any edge over other interviewees, this can all be concluded by looking into the extra effort they have put into their work.

You can additionally ask them about any obstacles they might have faced while doing these projects and how they overcame them. This can tell you a lot about the candidate’s resilience and ability to bounce back from a failure. This is one of the qualities that is highly important in a software developer because coding does have a lot of major setbacks on a daily basis.

Specific technical questions

Once you’ve gotten to know the person better and are now aware of their general coding skills and qualifications, you can proceed onto technical questions that may be specifically about your organization and the type of work you require. If a developer is interviewed at Angular developer position , you can ask them whether they have experience with Angular Framework and TypeScipt language, how extensive this experience is. Practice-oriented questions are another way to fully gauge the developer’s skill. You can do this by giving them a short list of tasks that are close to what your company is looking for and their performance of those tasks can clearly tell you if they are right for the job or not.

Their familiarity with the Agile software development process is another thing that you can ask them about as it is the most popular process nowadays and a developer should be on board with the use of it.

Do you practise self-education and how it usually looks like?

Hearing the answers to these questions will tell you clearly how hard-working, self-righteous and open to improvement your interviewee is. If they answer with something like “I don’t practice any” or “I don’t think I need any”, you’re in trouble. Self-education for a software developer is an ongoing process and there is no limit to how much it can be pursued. A good software developer is someone who is eager to learn and improve himself on a daily basis and is constantly working to reach his full potential.

What is your hobby and what do you do in your free time?

Asking about the hobbies of any person in general can give you a good overview of who that individual is as a person. A person’s hobby says a lot about how they look at life, how they look at the world around them and how they look at themselves. If your interviewee is a progressive person, he will have hobbies that involve learning. Even the slightest thing he will learn will make him happy. These hobbies can include reading, watching documentaries or even listening to the daily news. Such hobbies mark the fundamentals of a person who is constantly looking to grow and learn more about themselves and their surroundings. Also positive are hobbies like writing or gardening, anything that helps a developer move away from the stressful world of coding and unwind. These five questions cover the basics of ever job interview for a software developer. However, the things you can and should ask your interviewee are not limited to this list. You can additionally dive down into the depths of your programming needs and ask the most technical questions to fully gauge the capabilities of your applicant in order to make sure you find someone who is perfectly fit you company.

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